Bonus information
Bonus for traders
Bonus amount
Up to 15 USD per lot
Bonus trading period
Your profit
Promotion period
Credited automatically upon a request
RAMI is the only Forex broker to offer this service to the customers
Add a cherry on top of your Forex profit – use our exclusive Cashback service to make your income grow by simply putting one tick in your personal area! RAMI is only broker to offer cashback to its clients.
Here in RAMI we want our traders to enjoy trading as much as possible. It’s always nice to have a little feedback on your actions – and the feedback in the form of extra money is extra nice. So, for our traders we created a Cashback service that lets you get up to 15 USD per every lot. And when we say every lot, we truly mean it: you get cashback even for losing orders.
This is a free serive that you can activate any time in your personal area. The possible profit is unlimited and depends only on the average total volume trade monthly. You can use this service for unlimited time.
The cashback you get is real money - you can withdraw it fast and easily without any limitations. All you need to do is put a tick next to "Cashback" option in your personal area settings and enjoy the additional profit without and special efforts made.
Get up to for every traded lot while just trading in your regular way. Calculate how much you can earn in a month - use our calculator to see your possible profit!
Calculate average monthly total volume traded:
By simply connecting a free service "Cashback", you can earn extra
Check out the full list of terms and conditions in the personal area
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