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3 Simple Steps for Your Friend
Download RAMI CopyTrade
A friend joins the app via your personal link
Meet Conditions
A friend makes at least three risk investments in different traders
Get Bonus
A friend gets , you get for each who meets the conditions
Keep in Mind
Time flies. Hurry up to meet the Referral Program conditions.
Time limit
A friend has 60 days from registration
to meet the Referral Program
A friend makes three investments in
different traders.The minimal
investment lifetime is 24 hours.
You get the Referral bonus within 15
days after a friend meets the
Join Successful
Investor Community
RAMI CopyTrade
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Are risk-free investments counted in the Referral Program?
No, risk-free investment aren't counted. To meet the Referral Programe conditions, a new investor shall make three risk investments in different traders. These investment shall be totaling be totaling at least with a 5% change in profit.
Who can invite friends?
RAMI CopyTrade investor who verified email, phone number, ID and made three or more risk investments in different traders. These investment ashall be totaling at least with a change in profit.
How many friends can I invite?
The number of friends you can invite is unlimited. The maximum Referral bonus sum is . It means that you get the bonus only for the first five friend who meet the Referral Program conditions. Invite as many friends as possible in case someone fails to meet the conditions.
Can I become an invited investor in the Referral Program if I have already had any RAMI account?
If you have any account at RAMI, you can’t become an invited investor.
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