Hi all, my name is Rami, with more than 16 years experience in Forex Market, switching from Brokerage field to Fund Management and Risk Management specialty.I had an idea to establish a Home Page to present my thoughts on Forex Market from three different angle or prospective, Mid-Run, Short-Run & Intraday movements .
The idea is to provide technical analysis from different angle to be able to help risk managers and traders at same time, where risk managers will be interested more in Intraday trading levels which allow them to manage their clients’ accounts in daily basis, the other intervals will help both individuals and risk managers to have idea about current market wave to help them be up-to-date of next market movement.
Which will measure and anticipate market movement for the short-run which may cover trades from 1 Day – 30 Days , which may be helpful for short-run traders and risk managers.
Which will help long-run traders to anticipate long run scenarios at market movement, while more likely will help Physical traders on Precious Metal & Equity , while will be helpful for Options-Currency traders, will cover intervals from 1 Month and above.
Which will measure the daily trades from small and hourly prospective, which will be helpful for scalpers and pip traders, while Risk Aversion traders like Risk Managers will find it useful to cover clients position in daily basis, will cover between 1 Hour to 48 hours.
will place articles to explain thoughts from technical and fundamental point of view over market , In addition I may expose my future expectation over the current financial system .
This section will be for traders like scalpers and pip traders which will find useful for them as we will offer them to open trading account throw us with UK regulated company with FCA regulation, and will pay them back percent on their trading lots.