Rami’s Funding Model

Your goal in this model will be to prove your trading ability in beginning phases with very realistic profit targets. Once you achieve the targets, you will start trading on Rami’s funded account with an 50% profit split. The profit split percentage can be increased all the way up to more based on your performance.

Beginning Phases Rules

5% Daily Drawdown

If your initial account balance is $100,000, then 5% of the amou...

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30% Overall Drawdown

Traders are allowed a maximum of 10% loss from the initial balan...

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Profit Target (3% to 10%)

In beginning phase, you need to hit a 10% profit target within 4 trading...

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Bi-Weekly Payout

In your funded account, you will be eligible to withdraw your fi...

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Evaluation Model Benefits

We win when you win. To increase your chances of profitability, we are offering you up to $200,000 funds in our Evaluation model.

Whatever amount you profit during each assessment phase, 15% of it is yours. So you start earning a profit share as a reward even when you’re trading the demo account.

If you are in profit but can not meet your phase-01 target, no worries. As long as you are profitable by following all rules, you will be given an additional 14 days to complete your challenge.

Don’t worry if you are in profit but cannot achieve your target within a trading cycle while following the rules. We will provide you with unlimited retakes without any additional charge. All you have to do is to be profitable without violating any rules.

After getting the funded account, you start with an 80% profit split to begin with. And when you become eligible for the scale-up plan, your profit share will increase to 90%.

You don't have to miss any big market movement. Hold your trade as long as you want, even during the weekends. Whatever your trading style is (Scalp, Intraday, or Swing trading), this is perfect option for you.

Choose the Best Funding Model for You

Funding Amount
3% 3%

Our daily loss limit specifies that you are permitted to lose 5% of your initial account balance on any given day.

So here is how the calculation works:

Your daily loss limit = the sum of your open and close positions for the day.

This implies that on that specific day, this number should not exceed 5% of your initial account balance.

For example, if you have a $100,000 account, the maximum daily loss limit is $5,000, and you are not allowed to lose more than $5,000 on any given day. Suppose you have lost a total of $3000 in your closed trades. In such a case, you cannot lose more than $2000, including floating losses. Note that swap and commission rates are included in this calculation. If you lose more than $2000, it will be considered a violation.

Similarly, let's say you gained $5,000 in profit in a single day. In such case, you will be allowed to lose $5,000 (your profit) + $5,000 (your daily loss limit) = $10,000. Loosing more than $10,000 (in both open and closed positions) will be considered a violation.

Let's look at another case. Assume, like in the previous scenario, that you lost $3000 in a single day. Then you take a trade that is now running at a floating loss of -$2500, but when you close it, it becomes positive $500. If this occurs, according to our calculations, you will have exceeded your daily loss limit the instant your loss exceeds $5000.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your daily loss limit will be reset at midnight according to the server time. As an example, suppose you have gained a $2000 profit in a closed trade and you have a trade that is currently running in -$6000 floating loss. In this case, you still have not violated your daily drawdown for the day because your current daily loss is +$2000 - $6000= -$4000. However, if you hold this one trade with a floating loss of $6000 after midnight, you will breach the daily loss limit because a new day begins after midnight and you have already lost $6000, which is more than your daily loss limit of $5000.


You are allowed to have an overall maximum loss limit of 10% of your initial account balance. Thus, at any time during your whole trading journey, your account balance/equity can't go below 90% of initial balance. It implies that your account balance/equity should be always over 90% of initial balance to avoid rules violation.


In Rami, we want to make things easier for our traders. For this, you only need to take a minimum of 05 individual and separate trades in each trading cycle. You must enter a new trade on at least 05 separate days in the evaluation model. But you can relax, your trading days do not need to be consecutive, and to make things even easier, there is no maximum number of trades that you need to take each trading cycle, as long as you do not exceed your risk.



Leverage for trading account.

1:100 1:100

You are eligible to get back your registration fee once you are a funded trader with Rami.

$250 $1,200

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With Rami, you do not have to wait hours to get access to your trading account. Rami Traders instantly get access to their trading account as soon as they complete the signup process.

To help you in your trading journey and make the full out of your real funded account, one of our traders will be assigned for you 24/7 to guide you through.

At Rami, we provide a wide choice of assets with very low commissions and super-raw spreads. This enables traders to trade exotic pairs, explore scalping and do a lot more.

If you can be consistent & profitable, you will be eligible for a 40% increase in account balance every 4 months, all the way up to 4 million dollars.

We provide leverage of 1:100 to all our trading accounts. As a result, traders can use appropriate lot sizes even while using small stop losses. This makes the overall experience of trading with our accounts extremely fluent & flexible.

Rami is working with an ASIC-regulated broker named 'EightCap’. Because of their rock-solid and highly performing service, they have been awarded the Best Global Forex MT4 Broker 2020 at the Global Forex Awards.

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