USA Inflation & Reserve Bank Of Australia

USA Inflation & Reserve Bank Of Australia

15 (08) 2016 - 17:26 (GMT)

Reserve Bank Of Australia

Financial Markets heading tomorrow toward numbers of Important economic figures and events which will start early Tuesday 16/8/2016 with Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes from Reserve Bank Of Australia where traders trying to catch clues for the future intensions of policy makers toward the current policy after the last Rate Cut, where Policy Makers didn’t signal any intentions for more Rate cut in previous meetings

Technical Analysis View (AUDUSD)

As we see over the chart AUDUSD test the resistance level of the Long-Run downtrend line around (0.7750) last week while, while as long as market holding trades below this zone the downtrend pressure will sustain with chance to build downtrend wave that may target (0.6975) zone

The Risk for this model will be a break above (0.7835) where market may add more advance opportunity where second resistance will lay at (0.8130-60) zone

After that market will await Inflation figures over UK where economics expected no change from previous reading.

USA Inflation Figures

Tuesday traders must be vigilant as the most important figures will be on USA economy the Inflation Figures (CPI) , which consider the most important figures that Traders, Economist & Policy Makers are watching this year, where Fed is monitoring the development of the inflation to make up his mind toward any Rate Hike ( odds for any rate hike this year still around %50 )

Financial Markets still relaying with big probabilities that Fed may head to increase Interest Rate this year, where we can see clearly the Dollar Index still holding this year trading zone between the high (99.90) at the beginning of this year & the low of (91.88) last May

While the increase on the (Average Hourly Earnings ) last month may push toward higher Inflation, however Retail Sales for the same period doesn’t support that

Technical Analysis View (Dollar-Index)

Moving toward technical analysis indicators and studies for the coming Short-Run where Index still holding support zone of (94.95) which still pushing for farther rebound correction which may target (96.90 – 97.00) zone, while above this zone expect market to attack resistance (97.60)

Below (94.95) market may head for farther drop to test second support (94.10-30) which may hit market for rebound correction, while below (94.00) market risk will be for more drop toward (92.50)


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